Simple things are simply miraculous.

Effortless things are simply miraculous.

Simple things are simply miraculous.

Effortless things are magical:


We quite often forget the simple things in life, especially with the fast pace we live in at present.  We tend to get caught up with the trivial things & worry about what is happening in the present as well as what the future might hold for us. Let’s face it most of what we worry about never comes to fruition, I for one can certainly relate to this. Simple things are simply miraculous. 



Simple things ar simply miraculous
Simple things are simply miraculous


Elementary things are simply extraordinary, enjoy every day:


This post is a good reminder to all of us that life is too short not to live in the present &  enjoy each day.  We come into this life with nothing & leave with nothing,  what is important is what we do with our life & the impact it makes on this earth & in other people’s lives.

By living in the present & being mindful of each moment, we get so much more out of our lives.  It leaves us feeling happy, contented & in tune with all the beauty around us whether in nature or the sentient beings that are around us.




Summary – effortless things are simply miraculous:


Leave nothing but footprints to me interprets as tread lightly through this world with awareness. There is magic all around us all we need to do is appreciate that the uncomplicated things are simply phenomenal.
Simple things are simply


Magic is all around us, all we need to do is take the time, stop, look & savour the moment. Click on the link & see that the  Simple things are simply miraculous.


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