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Chris Tompson.

“I believe very strongly that people should take responsibility for their own health. That, to me, is the start of healing the body, mind, and soul to achieve a body in balance.”

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Infrared Light Therapy

LED light therapy has proven effective for skin rejuvenation needs. This safe, skin care treatment combines Red light therapy, Blue light therapy and Infrared light therapy for everything from anti aging to acne treatment!

Best Supplements to Take for Health

A good resource on vast of articles pertaining to human health. Its main goal is to release important information to the public for free and it offers the Best Health Supplements.

Nursing school

Nursing schools and nursing colleges directory

Bosch Mixers, Dehydrators, Rebounders, Juicers, Grain Mills,

Juicers at Nutrition Lifestyles. Specializing in Bosch Mixers, Juicers, Rebounders, Dehydrators, Bread Supplies, Grain Mills and Supplements

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