What is Myorthotics?

So many people suffer from the complaints above and assume that it is quite normal. They can be heard saying things like –

“I am getting old”
“It is because of all the sport I did when I was younger”
“It is because all the injuries I sustained throughout my life”.

I can tell you for a fact that it does not have to be that way, the body has an amazing way of healing itself and restoring the natural balance. Myorthotics helps to assist and speed this process up.

Myorthotics may be the answer for you!!!

Myorthotics is a simple muscle, ligament and sinew technique which is designed to relax contracted soft tissue which may be placing uneven strains on the vertebrae.

Simple to Perform

Myorthotics is a non-invasive, non-chiropractic technique which is very effective for the relief of joint pain, muscle pain, and spinal pain.

When muscles spasm, joint spaces can be narrowed, and nerves trapped in the spasmed fibre.

The ligaments that join muscles to bone each have a channel to move in. If these ligaments are not in their correct channel, they become inflamed and swollen, causing pain.

By using specific Myorthotics points, it is possible to relax muscles, and using finger pressure, re-align ligaments in their correct channels.

It is simple to perform and can take 15-20 minutes for each client.

Myorthotics means “Myo” for muscle and “orthotics” for support and relaxant, for it is a muscle support and relaxant technique.

As the muscle and other soft tissue of the body assume their correct length and position, they release their pressure on the spine and the spine then assumes a position which is comfortable for the client.

A Few points to remember after a Myorthotics


I have been treating clients using the Myorthotics technique for approximately 33 years and have found it a highly effective for a high percentage of back, neck and shoulder issues.

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