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Do you suffer from the following?

Transpersonal counselling simply means looking beyond the “personality self”

Are You Stressed, Finding It Hard To Cope?

Feeling Depressed, Is Life Getting You Down?

Are You Suffer From Anxiety Or Panic Attacks?

Do You Have An Alcohol, Tobacco Or Any Other Addictions?

Do You Need Relationship Counselling?

Are You Suffering From Grief?

Transpersonal Counselling

Transpersonal counselling simply means looking beyond the “personality self”

Transpersonal Counselling can benefit many in the healing of individuals, families and groups from diverse backgrounds and with many types of problems and issues.

Understanding the past gives us the freedom to live life more fully in the present, and with the support of a transpersonal counsellor we can look at building a future that is authentic, meaningful and spiritually fulfilling.

Transpersonal Counselling is client-centered counselling which works to reveal inner guidance while reserving judgment or analysis. It works with the whole person and recognizes the person in the context of their psychological, social and cultural life. It looks at finding purpose and meaning in life.

With the therapists support we can access our own deeper levels of wisdom, creativity and potential. By focusing on self-healing, self-development and self-realisation we can uncover our true essence and embrace life with more awareness.

Transpersonal work provides people in crises with an alternative to symptom suppression. It helps them to creatively adapt to their crisis, using the experience to grow and truly heal. The experience is transformed into a breakthrough rather than breakdown.

This creative approach to counselling draws on ancient and modern systems.

Transpersonal work provides people in crises with an alternative to symptom suppression. It helps them to creatively adapt to their crisis, using the experience to grow and truly heal. The experience is transformed into a breakthrough rather than breakdown.

Transpersonal counselling incorporates many different healing methods including

Gestalt therapy

Cognitive therapy

Personal journeys

Self hypnosis and related states

Relaxation techniques

Dream work and analysis

Shamanic model

Body focusing/mindfulness

Counselling can assist you in understanding what element you need to develop within yourself to make any decisions, transformations, breakthroughs and changes.


This content is reviewed periodically and is subject to change as new Health information becomes available. The information provided is intended to be Informative and educational and is not a replacement for professional medical evaluation, advice, diagnosis or treatment by a health-care professional.

Happy Customers

I have a lot of problems with my neck shoulder and hips, my hairdresser refferred me to Chris who does Myorthotics. I have never heard of this method of treatment before, I had tried Chiropractors and other techniques to no avail but Myorthotics really works, I feel like a million dollars after Chris has worked her magic, I have referred many people to Chris and will go on doing so. Maybe other have ongoing issues like me that could be greatly relieved by a trip to Chris.


I’ve been seeing Chris for Myorthotics for the past 5 years ... This is an amazing process, and really gives the body a chance to heal, to let go ... anyone having issues with their bodies, do yourself a favor! Go see Chris and let the magic unfold. I do not really know how or why your treatments have helped my so much – but they have. Since coming to you I have not had a full on migraine and have no more pain from Rotor Cuff problem. Prior to coming to you, I spent many thousands of dollars on multi Physio appointments, but I was never pain free, until I started seeing you – Thank you.


Dancers strive to keep their bodies in flexible mode and ballet dancing is about maintaining strength and long lines. Kay Flynn has found the Myorthotics system helps keep her dance students in great shape. "It is an idea! support for growing stress pain in young students and the gentle, non-invasive approach is excellent" Christine Tompson has been practicing Myorthotics for over 27 years and it is part of her Naturopathic treatments available at her Mermaid Waters’ clinic. "It is designed to relax contracted soft tissue placing uneven strain on the vertebrae," Christine said. "Ballet dancers need incredible back strength and it’s good support treatment to stop minor injuries becoming a problem to their craft." The treatment system was invented in Australia focusing on our active population. "It helps with spinal alignment, which is an essence for vitality and energy," said Ms Tompson. "It suits athletes as well as dancers as it is very effective for relief of joint and muscle pain that often comes with intensive training programs." The hands-on treatment takes about 20 minutes, which works in with busy schedules at the Kay Flynn Dance Academy. "One young dancer was having hip problems due to a growth spurt and it meant cancelling from a performance unless it was relieved;" said Ms Flynn. "The Myorthotics treatments worked and saved any disappointment." Naturopath Christine Tompson also offers overall health consultations, identifying problems using Iridology and Symptomatology.

Kay Flynn

Dance Academy – Ballet Backup