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Begin your journey today towards a healthier you. Natural Therapy Clinic offers a range of services that focus on the most important thing in life - your health and wellbeing.

Naturopath Gold Coast

Naturopathy maintains that the body can heal itself if given the right circumstances and conditions. It uses a range of treatments to stimulate the body’s own healing powers (‘vital force’).

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Myorthotics Gold Coast

Myorthotics is a simple muscle, ligament, and sinew relaxant technique which is designed to relax contracted soft tissues which may be placing uneven strains on the vertebrae.

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Counselling Gold Coast

There many and varied reasons why we seek out a counsellor, at Natural Therapy Clinic we specialise in Transpersonal counselling.

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Guide to Body Stretching

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``I believe very strongly that people should take responsibility for their own health. That, to me, is the start of healing the body, mind, and soul to achieve a body in balance.”

Chris Tompson, Owner

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Happy Customers

Chris has been an integral part of my health for 15 years! Chris knows exactly how to fix me like no one else. My whole family sees Chris when needed and I never hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

Kerrie Meiklejohn

I started going to visit Chris Tompson over 10 years ago which was the best thing I did to help me. Chris has moved locations three times & I always follow her. I now have my headaches under control thru her treatment which all started with Menapause. Before seeing Chris I was seeing doctors to chiropractor’s etc but didn’t help me at all. I also referred my husband & our two daughters which all still see Chris today. I feel Chris is a very caring & very easy person to discuss my health issues. Carmel

Carmel Imrie

Been seeing Chris Thompson for over 11 years. Always feel fantastic after her treatments, highly recommend to everyone!

Cameron Jackson

My family has been seeing Chris for 15 years. There is know one else I would trust with my body. Thanks Chris for saving me from so much pain over the years.

Pauline Said

Chris is fantastic. I was having an issue with my neck that the physio and chiro were unable to resolve. The Myo Orthotic treatment that I had with Chris completely resolved the issue and I only need to go back for occasional maintenance. I highly recommended Chris.


I’ve been seeing Chris for a few years and she always fixes my body ! I generally suffer with my knees an hips but feel so much better after treatment with Chris ! Generally one or two treatments and I’m back up and running, then it’s just maintenance! Definitely recommend Chris , very professional and very knowledgeable 👍

Jane Weaver

I couldn’t tell you how many years I have been seeing Chris for but what I can tell you is it’s many and it’s been life changing. I call Chris the Guru because she is so knowledgeable. She has a gift for aligning bodies, for relaxing taught muscles, for generally bringing relief through an incredibly simple and relatively painless regimen. On and off the massage table in under 15 minutes, arriving with muscular pain or limited flexibility, leaving as good as new. I cannot express enough how affective Chris‘s treatments are.


I have been receiving treatment from Chris for the past 30 years and i highly recommend her. I love the fact that I only have to have two to three sessions and I’m pain free for another twelve to eighteen months… I keep telling she is not allowed to retire… Love her work!!!

Carmel Lancaster

Chris is a very knowledgeable therapist and knows exactly what the problem is! The only lady that can get me out of pain with only a couple of visits. If you need help, Chris is well worth a visit as I’m very confident she will be able to help you.

Vikki Jackson

I have been seeing Chris for years and she is fabulous! Knowledgeable, friendly and knows how to fix my niggle spots every time - I can't recommend her enough!

Sam Sainty

Chris is amazing. The only therapist who was able to help me. I suffered from pins n needles in my hands a few years ago, it gradually became worse and I would wake in the middle of the night with dead arms. I went to several Dr’s and therapist only to be diagnosed with carpel tunnel and told to wear wrist splint/supports. What a joke. Little did I know at the time it wasn’t carpel tunnel. Within a year I developed frozen shoulder on my left side. The pain was terrible and I could hardly move my arm away from my side. I was a year in when I was referred to Chris. From the first visit she was able to release so much muscle tension and what I call ‘realign’ me. Chris worked on me over several sessions, I now have full movement back. No pins n needles. She truly is a miracle worker. Whenever I get sore from too much computer work, I travel over 1.5 hrs to see Chris. Always well worth the visit.

Claire Hutton

I have been going to Chris for the past 5 years and I have found Myorthotics was always great for me. I always walk out of there feeling so different, 100% better. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers from back pain or discomfort. Chris is such a caring person.


I’m 61 and have suffered from a bad back, ribs, neck, legs and shoulders for a very long time. I was a wreck! I’d been to numerous physios and chiropractors over the years. About 10 years ago a workmate told me about Myorthotics. I’d never heard of it, but she said her husband, a builder, found the only relief he’d had for his chronic injuries had been with Chris Tompson. I’ve found this to be true for me as well. The treatment is quick and effective immediately. I always walk out feeling so much better and relaxed as Chris works on the soft tissue of the whole body, head to toe, and aligns everything back to where it should be. I’ve referred my friends to her as well and they find her treatment just as effective.


Since my father in law introduced me to Chris many year ago, she has always shown a genuine commitment to my health and never fails to deliver the results I’m looking for, very often exceeding my expectations. I have recommended Chris too many of my family and friends who are now regular clients of hers. I would encourage anyone to visit Chris who is looking to improve their health and put a bounce back in their step.


had been suffering lower back pain for years when I heard about Chris Tompson. Within days of my first visit the pain had disappeared. With regular maintenance visits I have found that the pain I had suffered previously is kept under control.


I have a lot of problems with my neck shoulder and hips, my hairdresser refferred me to Chris who does Myorthotics. I have never heard of this method of treatment before, I had tried Chiropractors and other techniques to no avail but Myorthotics really works, I feel like a million dollars after Chris has worked her magic, I have referred many people to Chris and will go on doing so. Maybe other have ongoing issues like me that could be greatly relieved by a trip to Chris.


I’ve been seeing Chris for Myorthotics for the past 5 years ... This is an amazing process, and really gives the body a chance to heal, to let go ... anyone having issues with their bodies, do yourself a favor! Go see Chris and let the magic unfold. I do not really know how or why your treatments have helped my so much – but they have. Since coming to you I have not had a full on migraine and have no more pain from Rotor Cuff problem. Prior to coming to you, I spent many thousands of dollars on multi Physio appointments, but I was never pain free, until I started seeing you – Thank you.


Testimonial 2

Dancers strive to keep their bodies in flexible mode and ballet dancing is about maintaining strength and long lines. Kay Flynn has found the Myorthotics system helps keep her dance students in great shape. "It is an idea! support for growing stress pain in young students and the gentle, non-invasive approach is excellent" Christine Tompson has been practicing Myorthotics for over 27 years and it is part of her Naturopathic treatments available at her Mermaid Waters’ clinic. "It is designed to relax contracted soft tissue placing uneven strain on the vertebrae," Christine said. "Ballet dancers need incredible back strength and it’s good support treatment to stop minor injuries becoming a problem to their craft." The treatment system was invented in Australia focusing on our active population. "It helps with spinal alignment, which is an essence for vitality and energy," said Ms Tompson. "It suits athletes as well as dancers as it is very effective for relief of joint and muscle pain that often comes with intensive training programs." The hands-on treatment takes about 20 minutes, which works in with busy schedules at the Kay Flynn Dance Academy. "One young dancer was having hip problems due to a growth spurt and it meant cancelling from a performance unless it was relieved;" said Ms Flynn. "The Myorthotics treatments worked and saved any disappointment." Naturopath Christine Tompson also offers overall health consultations, identifying problems using Iridology and Symptomatology.

Kay Flynn

Dance Academy – Ballet Backup


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