Exercises After Pregnancy

Exercises After Pregnancy

Worried about your appearance? Your problem is largely temporary — if you avoid excessive weight-gain, wear an expertly fit bra, even during sleep, and start these re-toning exercises before you leave the hospital. Add a new exercise each day. Do each one 4 times, twice each day, morning and evening for a month or more.

1st Day:

Breath deeply, expanding your abdomen. Hiss as you slowly exhale, then forcibly draw in your abdominal muscles.

2nd Day:

Lying on your back with your legs slightly parted, place your arms at right angles to your body and slowly raise them, keeping your elbows stiff. When your hand’s touch, lower your arms gradually.

3rd Day:

Lying with your arms at your sides, draw your knees up slightly, arch your back

4th Day:

Lying with your knees and hips flexed, tilt your pelvis inward and tightly contract your buttocks as you lift your head.

5th Day:

Lying with your legs straight, raise your head and left knee slightly, then reach for (but do not touch) your left knee with your right hand. Repeat, using your right knee and left hand.

6th Day:

Lying on your back, slowly flex one knee and one thigh towards the abdomen; lower your foot towards your buttock, then straighten and lower your leg.

7th Day:

Lying on your back, toes pointed and knees straight, raise one leg and then the other as high as possible, using your abdominal muscles but not your hands to lower your legs slowly.

8th Day:

Leaning on your elbows and knees, keep forearms and lower legs together. Hump your back upwards, strongly contracting your buttocks and drawing in your abdomen. Then relax and breathe deeply.

9th Day:

Same as 7th day, but lift both legs at once.

10th Day:

Lying on your back with your arms clasped behind your head, sit up and lie back slowly. At first, you may have to hook your feet under furniture.


Chris Tompson

Chris Tompson