Why Do We Need To Exercise

Why Do We Need To Exercise

Is very important to include exercise in your everyday life, more importantly is to make sure that the exercise you do is enjoyable to you, otherwise it will become a chore and you will look for reasons why to avoid it today.

Fat Burning and Cardio Exercise

You need to exercise at least 3 times a week, but if you can do more you will get there that much quicker.

Aerobic exercise, try the treadmill, stepper, cross trainer and rowing machine, you need to try to maintain this form of exercise for 45 Min’s-1 hour . If you don’t like using machines jump in the pool and swim or use a kick-board and flippers even just running around the inside of the pool is excellent exercise also water aerobics, deep water running is great if you are not interested in swimming, again your looking at about 45 Min’s-1 hour to get the most out of this exercise.

Pilate’s and Body Balance classes are are also good for fat burning, core strength and picking up your metabolism. Plus you have your Step classes, Boxing, Circuit Workout, Butt-Abs and thigh classes, Body Pump, Body Combat.

If you decided to walk you need to put in about 45-60 Min’s 3-7 times a week, always walk on an empty stomach as this assists fat burning.

Aerobic exercise should be about 3-4 times a week. which keeps your heart rate up for that period of time and increases your fat burning and works on your metabolism.

Yoga, body balance, and Pilate’s are excellent for your flexibility and also for relaxing and calming the mind. Also I have found that if you suffer from back or neck problems these exercises will help to build and strengthen your core muscles, which in turn will help strengthen your back.

Muscle Gain

To build muscle you would go more for weight lifting and core muscle exercise. There are many theories on how often you need to lift weights. I personally feel if you Divide up your body parts and to top half one day and leave a few days and do bottom half next time, and then leave a week between working out that body part again, you will get more gain and give those muscles time to grow. That isn’t to say that you can’t enjoy other forms of exercise throughout the week.

  • Always remember if you want to build muscle you need to be aware of your diet.
  • Increase your protein to every meal. (approx 3 ozs each serve)
  • Eat more often, 5-6 small meals ( every few hours)
  • Eat lean Protein
  • Eat more white protein ( chicken, fish, salmon and tuna)
  • Make sure your having plenty of vegetables, salad and fruit
  • Keep away from fats and sugars
  • Keep away from fast food of any kind.
  • Keep your water up to a minimum of 3 litres daily
  • Use a good quality whey protein powder for protein shakes
  • For Cutting-Up use are weight loss diet


Chris Tompson

Chris Tompson