Masculine & Feminine Energy:

Balance of male & female energy

Masculine & Feminine Energy:

Balance masculine & feminine energy  –  Whilst standing here taking these photo’s I had an epiphany, which I would like to share with you below.

I have found that all my injuries, issues & weakness are always on my left side, which is my feminine side. I realised that it is unbalanced & that my masculine energy is far more dominant.
I would be interested in your opinions on whether you can identify with some of the below traits.
Having a balanced expression of both masculine and feminine energy is important for health, overall well-being, fulfilling relationships and even your professional performance.


Male and female energy
Balance the masculine & feminine energy the body

Impact of being to much in your masculine energy:



When a woman is too much in her masculine energy, she may experience various challenges in her health, personal and professional life. Some of the potential effects of having an imbalanced expression of masculine energy include:


  • BURNOUT: Constantly pushing yourself to achieve goals and take control can lead to feelings of exhaustion and stress. In this state, you’re likely producing way too much cortisol and burning through adrenaline, which can lead to fatigue and mood imbalances. Not to mention your gut and detox pathways switch off, which can lead to digestive issues, toxicity and inflammation.
  • Difficulty in forming relationships: Being overly assertive, competitive, or dominating can create conflict and make it difficult to connect with others on an emotional level. Also if you’re on the go all the time, you’ll struggle to slow down and connect, even with your kids or partner.
  • Lack of fulfilment: Without a balanced expression of both masculine and feminine energy, a woman may feel unfulfilled and like something is missing in her life.
  • Difficulty in experiencing vulnerability: Being overly focused on rushing through life and being in control can make it difficult to open up and be vulnerable. This can lead to a supression or repression of emotions, which can build up in your system and cause physical symptoms and disease.


Some of the causes of Imbalance of masculine & feminine energy of the body:


  • Living in a society that values & rewards masculine traits more than feminine ones
  • Taking on too many masculine roles in order to survive (e.g. being the bread winner, taking care of others etc.)
  • Having a mother or other female role model with too much masculine energy
  • Experiencing abuse as a women


Women with too much masculine energy at work:

  • Always doing, competitive
  • Pushing yourself too hard
  • Obsessive with tasks
  • Unable to slow down & relax
  • Forgetting  to eat.




Male & female energy



Tips to improve your feminine energy:




The key is to find balance & to use our masculine energy in a way that serves us & our lives.

If you find that you can relate to any of the traits above, do not put yourself down. There are actually many women struggling with the same thing.

If you feel like your masculine energy is running your life, it might be time to do some work on bringing out more of your femininity.

Every woman has feminine and masculine energy within her. The question is: are you only relying on your masculinity?


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