Focusing Meditation Technique

Focusing Meditation Technique

Get into a comfortable position either sitting or lying down. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing and are in a quite space.

Start with taking a couple of deep breaths. As you breathe in through your nose, your stomach rises and as you breath out through your mouth, your stomach contracts.

Focus your mind to the toes on your left foot, feel them relaxing. Then focus on the arch of your foot and feel any tension melt away. Then the top of your foot, as it relaxes, feel the energy flowing into that area. Repeat this on your right foot.

Then take your mind to your legs, focusing from your feet all the way to your knees. Relaxing as you go, up through your legs to the buttocks. As you move up feel the energy flowing all the way through your legs.

Take your mind to your buttocks and feel them relax, release all tension and sink into the chair or bed. Feel the energy move from the tips of your toes all the way up to the buttocks.

Become conscious of your lower back and focus on relaxing any tension. As you slowly move up the spine relax all the vertebrae and muscles. Let any tension melt away and feel the energy moving through the back all the way up to the shoulders.

Focus on your shoulders, feel them relax and let all the tension release as you breathe into that area. Feel it melt away any tension in the muscles around the shoulders. Feel the energy move through your shoulders and down into your fingers.

Take your mind to your fingers and feel them relaxing. Relax up into the palms of your hands and up into your wrists, feeling the energy flowing through your hands.
Focus and breathe into the lower part of your arms up into the elbow, feeling it relax as you move along. Move your energy through the muscles in the upper arm all the way up to your shoulders. Take a moment to be aware of the energy flowing through your arms, melting away any tension.

Take your mind to your neck, relaxing the muscles as you move up from the base of the head to the crown. Feel the energy flow through your neck and relax away any tension.

Now focus on your forehead, feeling it relax as you breathe and releasing any tension in this area. Move down to the eyes and feel them soften and relax. Move down to your cheeks feeling them relax. Focus on your mouth feeling your mouth soften as you breath in and out. Feel all the tension leaving as the energy flows through your face and neck.

Focus on your chest, feeling it rise and fall as you breathe in and out. Be aware of the body relaxing on every out breath. Focus on the energy flowing through the chest and down to the abdomen. Feel all tension leave the abdomen as you breathe into this area. Become aware of the muscles relaxing in the abdomen as you feel the flow of energy moving all the way down to the lower abdomen. Relax the lower abdomen and feel all the tension leaving the area and let it flow all the way down to the bottom of your feet.

Bring your mind back to your breathing and scan your body for any tension, pain, emotions, or any other sensations that might be present. If anything comes up, sit with it and breath in and out of that area until you feel the tension leave the body. Once more, scan your body for anything else that needs your attention.

When you are feeling totally relaxed, slowly bring your mind back to your breathing. Take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Slowly move your toes, fingers, and stretch your whole body. Gradually open your eyes and look around you. Stay present and be totally conscious of your surroundings.

I hope you enjoyed the focusing technique. Our bodies will always let us know our state of health and wellbeing, all we need to do is listen.

A recording of the entire Meditation Techniques series will be available to download in the coming weeks.


Chris Tompson

Chris Tompson