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Natural HGH complex

Natural HGH complex is a non- steroid, 100% natural product, which is made from three Amino Acids, (arginine pyroglutamate, L/lysine and L/Ornithine) which in combination help to stimulate the pituitary gland to release more of your own HGH.

Many of us are just getting to the point where we can really enjoy life but like some bad joke, our bodies seem to be less and less capable of really living life to the fullest. We’ve begun to feel more tired and we have less enthusiasm.

About the world around us, we also tend not to exercise as much as we used to, we seem to get sick much more frequently, our sexual stamina and performance are not what they used to be and to add insult to injury we are storing fat in places we never thought possible.

Do you suffer from the following?

  • Are you carrying to much body fat?
  • Would you like to increase your lean body mass?
  • Would you like to Increase your energy and have more vitality?
  • Are you suffering from mood swings and having sleeping problems?
  • Is your immune system sluggish?
  • Would you like to improve cardiac output and stamina?
  • Would you like to reduce wrinkles and have thicker and healthier skin?
  • Would you like to have stronger bones?
  • Do you need assistance in enhancing sexual performance?
  • Would you like to sharpen your vision and improve your memory?
  • Would you like assistance in improving cholesterol profile?
  • Would you like to help improve your blood pressure?
  • Do you suffer from hormonal imbalance?

Rate of decrease of HGH levels in humans:

Beginning around the age of 20 years old, our natural production of somatotropin (HGH) begins to decline at the average rate of 14% per decade.

By the age of 40, somatotropin (HGH) production has decreased 30% over our youthful production level, and by the age of 60, by 80% on average. The decline in somatotropin (HGH) correlates with many of the effects of aging including loss of lean body mass (muscle, bone, skin and internal organs), increase in total body fat, thinning and wrinkling of skin, decreased immune function and decreased sexual desire and function.

As a result of the decline in somatotropin (HGH), and because it is the master hormone, other hormones also decline with age, such as Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and DHEA, as well as many other important mood-elevating hormones. Examples of other hormones that also decrease are thyroid and thymus hormones, which can cause menopause in women and andropause in men.

Human Growth Hormone is known to be critical for:

  • Growth and repair of all tissues
  • Cell replacement
  • Bone & tendon strength
  • Brain function
  • General organ health and
  • Integrity enzyme production

HGH Biochemistry and metabolism
(Research and views on supplementation)
By Sala Horowitz PhD.

The peptide now known as human growth hormone was named “the hormone of growth” in 1912 and was first isolated from primate cadavers in 1941. Also known as somatotropin, HGH consists of 191 amino acids and is the main hormone produced by the pituitary gland.

Because secretion of all of these hormones naturally dwindle later in life, resulting age-related changes in the body composition, energy and sexual function, and essential physiologic systems, replenishing them should, in theory, slow or reverse some of the degenerative effects of aging.

Metabolic effects of declining HGH levels may include insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, and reduced thyroid function. Total cholesterol and low-density lipid cholesterol levels tend to become elevated. Osteopenia (preosteoporotic bone loss) may result from dwindling HGH. Reduction in protein synthesis results in decreased hair and nail growth and thinning of both, collagen-deficiency, and wrinkled skin. Dehydration is associated with kidney problems, decreased sweating, and potentially, with impaired cardiac function. Among the consequences of low HGH levels are several conditions that may be associated with aging. These include depression and reduced energy, libido, and general well being.

Disclaimer: This content is reviewed periodically and is subject to change as new health information becomes available. The information provided is intended to be informative and educational and is not a replacement for professional medical evaluation, advice, diagnosis or treatment by a health-care professional.

Chris Tompson.

“I believe very strongly that people should take responsibility for their own health. That, to me, is the start of healing the body, mind, and soul to achieve a body in balance.”

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“I believe very strongly that people should take responsibility for their own health. That, to me, is the start of healing the body, mind, and soul to achieve a body in balance.”

See our testimonials.

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